Thursday, September 29, 2011

From The Trail to the Zoo Part Shalosh (that's hebrew for trois) (French for 3)

Hello Dear Readers, it's been a while eh?  Susanna and I have been busy back to work and catching up with friends, enjoying our new old life while missing the trail.  How could we not?  We were out there for 3 1/2 months...  Regardless, we still owe a big long catch up on this thing which will happen.  Soon.  I think.  In the mean time, people are still asking us a lot of questions and we love it, but feel free to email us or comment on the blog with more ?s.  Not surprisingly, we like talking about the trail.  We also like the sound of our own voices.  Which makes no sense on a blog.  Anyways, here's my suite of the day...
Today's Edit Suite
The Bear Jew

P.S. Happy Jew Year to my fellow tribesmen, and my fwife (future wife - stole that from one Michael Wright)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another Perspective

Here is a link to The Face's blog, a hiker we met in Maryland along with Spam and Sensei.  He is an incredible writer, and we are both glad to have met him.  Also, he gives Rock Puncher and I a nice shout out...

The Face (far right) with Spam (seated), Sensei (center), Yikes (the girl) and Windscreen (far left)
Bear Jew - A guy we met in Maryland who started the trail with his fiancĂ©e in Harper's
Ferry heading north. Not only does he have a great trail name, but he is just a prince of a human being. It's a real shame we didn't get to hike with them more. He is really funny and a cineophile. He is part of the chosen people, which means he is not a godless gentile like the rest of us.

Rock Puncher - I thought Rock Puncher was some sort of burly dude but she is actually a very lovely young lady. She is engaged to Bear Jew. She's funny. She's cool. She's cute. She's tall. Her name is Rock Puncher for fuck's sake. Not much lacking here, really.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011